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Trusted Auto, Commercial Fleet and RV Repairs in Asheville, NC

From scheduled maintenance to emergency repairs, you can count on RLC Service Group, Inc. to provide trusted auto, commercial fleet and RV repairs in Asheville, NC. If one of your vehicles, fleet trucks or tractors is broken down at the side of the road and your productivity has come to a screeching halt, you can count on our experienced auto technicians to provide mobile repair services whenever possible to get your fleet back on the road in no time!

From Scheduled Maintenance to Emergency Repairs

RLC Service Group, Inc. takes pride in being a state-of-the-art auto and commercial fleet repair facility in Asheville, NC. Regular maintenance for a commercial fleet is just as important as individual vehicle maintenance, except it’s on a much grander scale. From oil changes and filter replacements to timing belts, chains, and tire installations, our ARI-certified welders will help you extend the life of your fleet equipment thanks to our expert portable welding and equipment repairs. Whether it’s a quick, simple fix or a complete overhaul, you can trust that our repair technicians have the skills to get the job done right.

Our Auto, Commercial Fleet and RV Repairs Include:

  • • Suspensions
  • • Tire installations, rotations, and repairs
  • • State and federal vehicle inspections
  • • Safety and emission vehicle inspections
  • • Brake system repairs and maintenance
  • • Cooling system repairs and maintenance
  • • Engine diagnostics and services
  • • RV generator service and repair
  • • Performance tuning – engine, exhaust, and suspension
  • • Electrical diagnostics and installations
  • • Oil changes/filter replacements
  • • Repairs on travel trailers and fifth wheels
  • • Transmission services
  • • Engine repairs
  • • Preventative maintenance
  • • Fuel system services
  • • Timing belts/chains
  • • Mobile services
  • • Horse trailer repairs
  • • Towing
  • • Fifth wheel towing
  • • Emergency services

Keep Your Vehicle Running Efficiently with Our Help

RLC Service Group, Inc. is dedicated to keeping your commercial fleet, RV or vehicle running efficiently in Western North Carolina. We provide reliable fleet repairs to help those who spend a large portion of their day on the road keep down repair and maintenance costs. Let us focus on maintaining your fleet so that you can focus on your fleet’s productivity. In addition to camper/fifth wheel towing and recovery services throughout the Greater Southeast, we also provide transport, delivery, set-up, take-down, and storage for all your RV needs. When you need an RV, fleet or vehicle repair, call us today to schedule an appointment for service to guarantee our availability, especially if it’s during our peak season.

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*Serving Our Local Community: We exclusively undertake projects within a 100-mile radius of Asheville, NC.

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